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Actor, Acute, Adlerian, Altruistic,
Assertive, Aspergers, Authentic,
Autistic, Awake, Brave, Candid,
Capricorn-Moon, Chancer, Combative,
Comic, Compassionate, Complex-P.T.S.D,
Cousin, Creative, Defender, Dignified,
Dissociative-Identity-Disorder, Diverse, Divine,
Dutiful, Empath, Entertaining, Equal, ESTJ,
Expression Number = 11

Facilitator, Factual, Fair, Faithful, Fearless,
Fierce, Fire-Horse, First Generation English,
Friend, Gemini-Sun, Gender-Fluid,
Gnostic, Grieving, Healer, Honest, Hopeful,
Impatient, Intelligent, Introvert, Joyful,
Kind, Knackered, Knowing,
Life-Path Number = 33
Major-Depressive-Disorder, Maltese,
Master, Melancholic, Mother, Niece, Organiser,
Paranoid, Poetic, Principled, Provocative,
Questioner, Rational, Resilient, Responsible,
Risk-Taker, Self-Aware, Sensitive, Sephardic, 
Sober, Social-Anxiety-Disorder, Solitary, 
Sjögrens Syndrome, Stubborn, Stylish, 
Tired, Tolerant, Unlimited,
Vocalist, Volunteer, Vulnerable,
Welsh, Whimsical, Wife, Writer,
World Number = 22
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